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Embroidery Pattern: Flying Bee

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Flying Bee embroidery pattern

We've been working to get bees at our house, which I've been very excited about. I seem to have bees on the brain when I sketch, so I couldn't resist a little bee-broidery.

I enjoyed stitching this little bee, and I like that I have a good way now to sew up a tiny bee, which will come in handy for some future stitching projects. I had one idea that I'd been working on with little bees flying out of something, but they looked more like flies and stink lines. I'm looking forward to trying again with my newfound skills.

Download your own Bee embroidery pattern here.

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  • Lisa Blaner on

    This is perfect – I need a bee pattern to cover a hole in my granddaughter’s leggings. She requested a bee as there is already a flower on the other leg covering a hole!

  • maria jose sepulveda on

    me encanta esta abejita, favor compartir

  • Gloria Molano on

    Thanks!! Llegué acá buscando un patrón para bordar en una frazada y me gustó la abeja, gracias!!

  • Keri F on

    Hi there. I just found your blog. This is darling. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Have a great week. Keri

  • Dany on


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