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Art Update: Gnome, Fan Art, and Who Knows What Else?

Art & Illustration

This month's artwork feels a bit of a hodgepodge, but I think that's to be expected in a time of global crisis. The fact that I managed to complete anything at all I'm taking as a success.

First up is the little Pine Tree Gnome from the coloring page I shared previously. Here's how I decided to color her in.

Technically, I finished this piece a little while ago, but I didn't decide until April that it was actually finished, so here we go. I'm really enjoying drawing different dog breeds. It's such a change from drawing cats, since the differences between the breeds are rather subtle.

I took part in the #SixFanArts challenge on Instagram (click here to see details of each character), and I really enjoyed working on all of these. Folks on Instagram gave me some characters I would never have thought of otherwise (Looking at you, Tim Curry devil!), and I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone. I may try this again, so if you want to see a specific character from me, let me know.

I created this piece as part of Carson Ellis' #TransMundaneTuesdays, and I'm so glad I did. I'm thinking I may need to update the Devil design in my ever-ongoing Tarot deck to use some of these elements.

I can't decide whether this gal counts as an official Art, or if she's just a sketch, but I like her face, so I'm sharing her here. I keep trying to draw content characters, but my anxiety just keeps coming through. At least her outfit is fun and colorful!

I recently bought a set of Ohuhu alcohol markers, and I'm really enjoying experimenting with them. However, I don't like to use them in my sketchbook, since they bleed through the paper, and I tend to feel less free when playing around on loose sheets of paper.

Why is that, anyways? Drawings can be as ugly as they please in my sketchbook, and I love them dearly, but ugly drawings on loose paper drive me nuts. *shrug*

And finally, I finished up this little lady. She was sketched loosely on the top sheet of my fancy schmancy Arches watercolor paper block, and I couldn't access the rest of the sheets until this pieces was done, so I inked and painted her. But now I'm too intimidated to start the next drawing on the Arches block, in case I let that one sit for a year as well.

I love buying myself fancy paper, but I'm always too scared to use it. But if I used it up, I'd have an excuse to buy more. Hmm...

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  • Cate on

    Oh, a troll would be really fun!

  • Barbara Mizzi on

    I would like to see a troll, or 2, or 3! Especially the retro trolls.

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