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Art Update: MerMay Drawing Challenge

Art & Illustration

Every year, I see MerMay drawings in my Instagram feed, and I always want to participate, but I always think of it too late. So this year, I made sure to be more mindful of it, and I had a ton of fun drawing mermaids.

I've been working on figure drawing lately, and I'm struggling in particular with shoulders and necks, so I thought this would be a good way to focus only on the part of the anatomy that I'm struggling with and leave the rest up to my imagination.

As a bonus, I found that the swishy swirly tails do a lot to loosen up my drawings, making the poses feel more natural. If you're having trouble with stiff figured drawings, I highly recommend replacing a body part with something where you can just swish your way through and there is no wrong answer. It makes the rest of it flow as well.

I didn't manage to do a drawing every day (and major respect to those artists who do!), but I'm very happy with the art that I created. I haven't been very comfortable with fully digital art, and I learned so much each day as I worked on these.

I couldn't resist a little reverse mermaid for the last day of MerMay. :)

Have you ever tried participating in the MerMay drawing challenge? What did you learn in the process?

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