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Art Update: Flowers, Rainbows, & Adorable Animals

Art & Illustration

I had a lot of fun playing with fantasy elements this month. First up is a little Corgicorn with an adorable tush. This is my second Corgi design, since I just couldn't resist drawing one with a fluffy butt and cutie-pie toe beans. Plus, we all need more unicorns in our lives, right?

I haven't been drawing many cats lately, but I really wanted to paint one with a flower on its head. Don't quite know why, but I just couldn't resist it. I struggled a lot with colors on this one for some reason, so this is actually pretty different from the original watercolor painting, which you can see here:

Luckily, there's always Photoshop to come to the rescue when I don't quite get a painting right on the first try. It makes me feel a lot more free to experiment as I work.

This is the character design for the wooden marionette I'm working on this month. I hope to finish her by the end of the month, but wood carving goes a lot more slowly than painting (which I'm already pretty slow at). Luckily, it's also really fun.

I thought this design was finished, but now I'm thinking I want to add some more clouds around her. In the meantime, though, here's my little Rainbow Witch inspired by Abracadaniel from Adventure Time.

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