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Printable: Ex Libris Ghost Bookmarks and Bookplates

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Ex Libris Ghost bookmark

I'm always in the middle of way too many books at any given time, and I've found myself in need of more bookmarks. I tend to use random scraps of paper or business cards from friends, but that's just not as fun as a proper bookmark.

I also love taking notes while reading, especially with non-fiction books. Scribbling on little scraps of paper didn't seem like much fun, so I made these bookmarks with lines so you can write down whatever notes you like: new things to learn, new vocabulary words, new books to lust after, and what have you.

Ex Libris Ghost bookplate

Not only am I reading more books, but I'm also lending more out as well. It's good to have a little something to help your books find their way home. Of course, I don't mind them not coming back as long as they're cherished by their new owners, since books seem to change hands quite a few times in their lives. Nonetheless, a bookplate can be a good way to go for those books that you don't want to walk out on you forever.

The bookplates will work with Avery label template #5164 if you want self-adhesive labels, or you can easily use a paper cutter, corner rounder, and an adhesive roller, like I did for the photo above.

• Download the Ex Libris Ghost book set here (PDF) - prints on 8.5" x 11" paper
• Set your printer to photo quality for best printing, or use a color laser printer
• Use cardstock for the bookmarks and sticker paper for the bookplates

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